Blazh Femur

Everything is deterministic, but only in retrospect. The future is a quantum cloud of probabilities filled with choices until, in the present moment, your choice comes to fruition for better or worse. The cloud of possible outcomes thus collapses into a fixed certainty, then memory makes the event - now in the past - appear to have been inevitable. The past cannot be altered, so it appears deterministic.

Looking backward at the immutable facts of what happened paints the illusion that you had no free will, but looking forward you know you have free will because you sometimes grapple with difficult decisions. Life is NOT a cruel hoax of predetermination. You are NOT a robot.



I make funny

From Moscow desk:

Putin have much envy of Zelensky success as comedian. So Vlad has now standup routine:

“First joke: I find out NATO stand for Not Allowed To Obliterate. I am glad Russia not member.

Next joke: I am wearing sweat pants right now that have no fly zone.

Next joke: I went looking for nookie. Instead I find nuke.

Next joke: Biden say I am aggressor. So I say to him ‘tanks a lot. Many tanks a lot.’

One more next joke:

They say I hit civilian Target. I was aiming for civilian WalMart. Oops. I miss.”