10 new words from MeNoKno

Blazh Femur
1 min readFeb 11, 2022


for the dictionary

IGNOSMOSIS — 1) unconscious absorption of information; 2) the mysterious process by which stupid people learn stupid things.

TARPEL CUNNEL DRINSOME — chronic dyslexic wrist pain due to wrong hand injury.

IRRIGATATION — 1) irritation plus agitation resulting in aggravation, usually in relation to an irrigation system or water distribution system that includes wastewater removal and treatment systems; 2) mouth discomfort after over-irrigating the gums.

AGGRAVACATION — 1) a vacation fraught with annoying situations; 2) the effect on the human psyche after experiencing a series of snafus during a pleasure trip.

EXCUSIASM — 1) a spasm of excuses; 2) enthusiasticathartic orgasm of responsibility shirking.

ENTHUSIASTICATHARTIC — 1) expressive to a fault; 2) the state of being too happy and too willing to share, in an oblivious, self-serving manner.

HELMETROCITY — any fatal construction accident involving an expired hard hat.

IMPATHY — having great compassion for, and identification with, small demons, fiends, mischievous children, street urchins, and imps.

UPPER CRUSTACEANS — rich people.

GLARBED WIRE — 1) a garbled electronic communication; 2) an indecipherable message that results in a formidable barrier to communication.

Bonus word:

READGRETS — having misgivings or remorse about spending precious time reading stupid things.